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California Property Managers

California Property Managers
1625 Sweetwater Rd - A
National City, CA 91920
(619) 791-1000


California Property Managers specializes in managing single-family homes, condos, townhomes and manufactured homes in the San Diego Area. Our expert property management team takes on the day-to-day chores of managing your rental property so you can enjoy a successful investment.
We provide full-service residential management and leasing services. Whether you own one investment property, or many, we have a service tailored to meet your needs. We’ll take on the following responsibilities:





  • Pre-Marketing and Pre-Rental Services. 
  • Full Online Marketing & Open Houses to get you the right tenant. 
  • We will screen tenants by collecting applications, checking their references, analyzing their credit and determining financial viability. 
  • We show the properties on your behalf and are present at all showings. 
  • We help you get the property ready for your new tenants by coordinating with independent contractors to get the property ready for move in. Billed Separately. 
  • Tenant move out services. 
  • We help you register and navigate the Section 8 application process if interested. Billed separately.




Q: What does your monthly fee cover?
A: Our monthly fee covers the cost of full service property management. We handle 100% of everything in regards to your rental property. You can be involved as little or as much as you’d like.
Q: Do you require your property owners to use
A: No. We have our trusted vendors that we’ve worked with closely for many years, but if you have a handyman or vendor you’d like us to use at your property when maintenance/repairs occur, that is fine with us.
Q: What is we have an HOA?
A: You will be responsible to pay the HOA fees at your property. You will need to add CPM and authorize us on your account. We will handle any communication with HOA going forward.
Q: How are vendor invoices paid for maintenance and repairs?
A: Invoices are billed to you and are due at the end of the month. Full communication is provided prior to any work being done. Any services over $100 will require approval by the owner prior to starting the work.
Q: How do you show my property?
A: All showings are done with a CPM team member present at all times. We also host Open Houses.
Q: Does CPM handle evictions?
A: Yes, however, we do not pay for any legal processing fees. We will handle the eviction from start to finish.




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